Jute Hessian Leaf Sacks - Compost Leaves (Composting Leaf Mould Sacks)

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Don't let all those Autumn leaves go to waste - compost them with our leaf composting sacks!

Simply fill each leaf sack with fallen leaves, tie the tops and leave in an out of the way corner of the garden that gets the rain (maybe behind the shed).

The open mesh allows air and moisture to circulate allowing the fungal action to compost the leaves. After about a year, both the sack and leaves will have composted at the same rate leaving a mound of dark crumbly leaf mould ready for use.

Leaf mould, is an invaluable source of nutrients and can be dug into the ground as a soil improver or spread on the ground around plants as a mulch.

Environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable.

Available in two sizes:
Medium (approx.): 40 x 70cm (16 x 27.5in)
Large (approx.): 65 x 95cm (25.5 x 37.5in)

Available in various pack quantities

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