Screw Bands & Seal Lids - Large to fit Kilner Dual Purpose Jars

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Replacement screw bands and seal lids with integral rubber seal for creating an airtight vacuum seal on old style Kilner 'Dual Purpose' jars.

6 Pack Contains: 6 Metal Screw Bands & 6 Seal Lids
12 Pack Contains: 12 Metal Screw Bands & 12 Seal Lids

The diameter of the seal lids is 83mm

Suitable for old style Kilner 'Dual Purpose' jars.

These will not fit any other old style Kilner jars. For old style Kilner 'Improved' jars and current Kilner jars, please see: Screw Bands & Seal Lids

If you are unsure which jars you have then please contact us with as much information as possible before ordering

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