Laminated Field Guide LADYBIRDS - Identification Guide

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A great 8 page laminated fold-out identification guide covering 26 of the 46 coccinellid species found in the British Isles with large images to aid identification as well as life-size images for each species.

Text and tables on the reverse side of the guide includes information on colour pattern, habitat and distribution as well as hints to aid identification. There are also sections on the life-cycle and feeding relationships of ladybirds.

A special feature of the chart is the section on the Harlequin ladybird, the most invasive ladybird species in the world. The Harlequin was originally introduced for bio-control throughout Europe, arrived in Britain in 2004 and is now spreading rapidly from the south-east.

These charts are designed to help identify a wide range of plants and animals.

They are lightweight and laminated to make them practical and robust for use outdoors.

Clear colour illustrations and text by experts in the subject make these a valuable resource for all age groups.

Further guides from this series are available.

Size (Folded): 175 x 250mm (7 x 10in)

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