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Our Hogitat Hedgehog Habitat is designed to be an attractive natural home and safe retreat for hedgehogs as well as blend well into the garden setting. It features a sturdy, rust-proofed steel frame, a waterproofed roof with an attractive natural finish and a predator defence tunnel.

Siting: The hogitat should be sited in a quiet position, out of prevailing wind, with some nearby shelter (preferably near areas with plenty of slugs - a natural food source). Pile leaves or short grass around the hogitat and a little inside. If there are badgers or boisterous dogs around then the hogitat may be anchored with the addition of 2 to 4 tent pegs hooked over the metal frame and driven into the ground

Food: Hedgehogs will eat almost anything they come across. They are carnivorous, mainly eating beetles, worms and slugs. They also love tinned pet food (not fish based).

When will hedgehogs use the house?

approximately November to April dependant on temperature. The hogitat should be covered with leaves and brushwood in Winter.

Breeding/Nesting Season: nesting begins in May and once the babies are born, they remain in the nest until June/July.

Summer Shelter: July to September in poor weather or as protection from predators.

Size(approx): 25cm x 43cm x 50cm

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