Laminated Field Guide the CLOUD NAME TRAIL

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This great 8 page fold out identification guide features the major forms of clouds seen across Europe.

This cloud guide is a practical outdoor tool for the identification of common cloud types. Use the flowchart to identify the different forms of cumulus, cumulonimbus, altocumulus, cirrus, stratocumulus and stratus. As well as photographs of each cloud type, text on the reverse side summarises the major processes leading to cloud formation and precipitation as well as the the typical sequence of cloud types associated with the passage of warm and cold fronts.

These charts are designed to help identify a wide range of plants and animals.

They are lightweight and laminated to make them practical and robust for use outdoors.

Clear colour illustrations and text by experts in the subject make these a valuable resource for all age groups.

Further laminated guides from this series are available.

Size (Folded): 170 x 245mm (6.75 x 9.75in)

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