SLUG X Slug & Snail Trap, Beer Trap - Environmentally Friendly

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Our Slug X slug and snail trap is a revolutionary device to banish the gardener's worst enemy in a humane, chemical free and environmentally friendly way.

Chemical Free and Will Not Harm Other Wildlife!

An effective method for clearing the garden of slugs and snails - trap up to 40-50 slugs in badly infested areas overnight.

Environmentally friendly and chemical free - uses no nasty poisons and will not harm other wildlife or pets.

Portable - can be used on any flat surface such as lawns, patios, greenhouse, moved daily and even stored out of sight during the day if necessary.

Position the traps and load with any type of beer - slugs and snails are attracted into the trap by the smell of beer from the access openings and once inside they become confused and unable to find a way out.

A very cost effective method that will last for years

Made in the UK from recycled polypropylene

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