Big Drippa Kit Greenhouse Growbag Gravity fed Drip Watering System

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Our Big Drippa gravity fed drip watering system is ideal for greenhouses/growbags. No power or mains water required...

A simple and economical gravity fed drip watering system, ideal for use in areas without a mains water supply. The Big Drippa system consists of a 10.5 litre water reservoir bag, 5 metres of irrigation tubing and 6 adjustable drippers. The reservoir bag and irrigation tubing are made from recycled PVC and the drippers from polycarbonate.

The reservoir will drain slowly over a 24 hour period, depending on the flow rate of each dripper, ensuring plants are sufficiently watered for a two day period. More efficient than traditional watering methods and reduces the need for daily watering - great for busy lives and ideal if you are away for the weekend.

Complete with full instructions and fixings to attach the reservoir bag to a standard greenhouse frame.

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