Slug Gone Wool Pellets 3.5 Litre Organic Slug Repellent / Control

Slug Gone Wool Pellets 3.5 Litre Organic Slug Repellent / Control

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Slug Gone Wool Pellets - 100% Natural Organic Slug & Snail Repellent
Soil Association Approved for Organic Gardening

Slug Gone wool pellets are made from wool shoddy, from the fleece of sheep, which is an important by-product of the wool textile industry. Wool fibres have very fine scales with small barbs on the tip called cuticle cells which cause the wool fibres to felt and mat together. The abrasive and hygroscopic nature of the wool fibres absorb some of the slimy substance underneath the 'slug's foot' and cause irritation, forcing slugs to seek food elsewhere.

Advantages of Slug Gone wool pellets:
- 100% natural and environmentally friendly
- Soil association approved
- Rich organic source of nitrogen
- Weed suppressant
- Soil moisture retention - reducing the need for watering
- Slow release fertiliser
- Soil conditioner
- Acts as mulch
- Safe for pets, children and wildlife

Naturally contains:
Nitrogen 3.6%
Phosphorus 0.4%
Potassium 3.1%

How To Use:
1. Clean the area around the plant and take a large handful of pellets.
2. Place the pellets around the plant in a 6 to 8 inch diameter collar, making sure the pellets are touching.
3. Water the pellets well and after a short period of time the pellets will bind together forming an insulation mat that will not blow or wash away.
4. This will stay undisturbed around the plant for up to 12 months as it slowly biodegrades naturally into the soil.

Pack Size: 3.5 litre

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