Rootrainers Propagator System - Rapid - Seed Tray, Lid & Inserts

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1 Haxnicks RAPID Rootrainer Kit includes: 1 holding tray, 1 clear propagator cover and 8 books (32 cells)

Rootrainers have a unique design, providing the perfect start for seeds, seedlings, plugs and cuttings and are particularly good for plants with a deep root system and those that are sensitive to root disturbance. Rootrainers encourage vigorous and strong root formation. The roots grow straight down, avoiding root balls and pot bound plants and air pruning produces a more dense and fibrous root system. The hinged rootrainers open like a book, allowing for easy inspection of moisture levels and root progress, as well as easy removal of young plants with minimal root disturbance.

Rapid rootrainers are ideal for all bedding and container plants, fruit and veg, salads, herbs, and softwood cuttings. For plants with deep, fast growing roots such as peas, beans etc. please see our deep rootrainers.

Size (approx): Length 36cm x Width 21cm x Height 17cm (including propagator lid)
Each planting cell: 4cm x 3.6cm x 8cm deep.

1 Kit includes: 1 holding tray/support, 1 clear propagator cover and 8 books (32 cells)




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