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Pollinating Bee Log - Nest Box for Solitary, Mason, Leafcutter Bees

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Our Pollinating Bee Log provides a natural habitat for solitary, non-swarming bees such as mason bees and leafcutter bees as well as insulation for over-wintering insects. Solitary bees do not swarm and are safe to have around children and pets. Solitary bees have a vital role in the plant pollination of both ornamental and food crops. However, bees are in decline worldwide and their habitats under threat from development, intensive agriculture and indiscriminate use of pesticides and herbicides.

These bees are naturally attracted to holes in wood and our pollinating bee log provides a habitat that has become harder to find in modern gardens.

The log can be hung from trees and pergolas using the seagrass ropes attached, pole mounted or hung on a wall. Ideally it should be sited in a sheltered spot that catches the morning sun, near a nectar source and between 1 and 2 metres high (3 metres maximum).

By siting a pollinating bee log in your garden you are offering them a safe and protected environment as well as making a practical contribution to conservation and biodiversity. This in turn will have the added benefit of increasing the pollination of plants in the surrounding area.

Hand made in the UK using FSC timber and natural canes.

Size (approx): 16 to 19cm diameter x 15cm long.
The size may vary due to the natural nature of the product.

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